Friday, February 19, 2010

The Working Mother

Now days it seems impossible not to be a mother and hold a full-time job. The cost of living demands for it. Though I know I enjoy being out and having a job sometimes I think that our push to be in the workforce has caused us sever stress and sacrifice.

You would think that as your children get older, the task gets easier but it only changes. Years ago my day went a little like this: Pack the diaper bag, dress the kids, take to daycare, detach from my leg a crying child, go to work with mouth shaped toothpaste stains on my pants, work work work, go pick up children, make dinner, give baths, put to bed, repeat. With the ever so often: doctor appointment, sick child, wet pants, need my blanket days. Now days it is more like this: Wake kids, make coffee, push kids out the door, work work work, resolve chore fights via telephone, come home, do laundry for must have PE clothes or jeans, sign school forms, help with homework, push kids to make lunches, take showers, brush teeth, sleep, repeat. With the occasional: I need to bring )insert purchased item here) to school tomorrow, Friday night sleepover, take to friends, run to library, sick, doctor appointments. And always ringing phones for one or the other.

It is an exhausting revolving door of nurture and support. My son is sick and I would rather be with him but due to my own illness' and my dautgher being sick last week - I must be at the office so I mother via phone and on my breaks and still feel guilty.

And for this we get one single day a year. Here's to all the mothers in this world - YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO BURN THE CANDLE ON ALL ENDS AND DESERVE TO BE APPRECIATED - SO HERE IT IS: "I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!"